Smart glass

It is an electrically functional glass with variable transparency.

The technology is based on liquid crystal polymer film. In the off mode, liquid crystals scatter light, the surface remains matte and completely opaque.

When power is applied, the crystals change their position, and the smart glass becomes completely transparent. The matte surface does not darken the space.

Triplex smart glass is a material with a wide range of applications in a wide variety of areas of architecture and construction. This glass is safe to use because the film is reliably protected from mechanical damage.

  • Triplex glass may contain various types of glass, depending on the specific features of further use.
  • It is used in the manufacture of facade structures, partitions of various configurations, doors, cash registers, and fences.
  • Triplex glass is safe to use in wet areas, in swimming pools and showers, in partitions for separating baths and bedrooms, and has an IP 56-57 electrical safety certificate.


  1. Controller, radio switch button
  2. Integration into the smart home system
  3. Mobile application Smart Life
  4. Voice control

Triplex smart glass is safety and durability. Triplex glass is made by triplexing using EVA film. The liquid crystal film is located between two layers of glass. Such glass is safe to use, since the electrically conductive layer of liquid crystals is reliably protected from mechanical damage.


  1. Manufacturer's warranty, products are certified
  2. Increased noise insulation (35 dB) and thermal protection
  3. Low energy consumption – 6 W/sq. m
  4. Cuts off UV and IR radiation by 95%
  5. Long service life - at least 1,000,000 switchings or more than 100,000 hours
  6. Hygienic and environmentally friendly
  7. Possibility of integration into the Smart Home system
  8. Safety and durability. Triplex smart glass is safe to use
  9. Versatility. There are no restrictions on the dimensions and shape of products and structures
  10. Multifunctionality. Changing the state of glass from transparent to completely frosted
  11. Quick adjustment. The transition from one mode to another occurs in a fraction of a second


Double-glazed windows with variable transparency will hide you from prying eyes at the touch of a button. Smart double-glazed windows radically solve the problem of creating privacy and managing confidentiality, and serve as a modern alternative to curtains and blinds. When power is applied, the smart glass unit remains absolutely transparent, and when turned off it becomes matte and opaque. Switching modes occurs in a split second with one press of a button.

A smart double-glazed window is a window with a variable transparency function. Double-glazed windows with variable transparency allow you to control the transparency mode and choose when the window will be completely transparent and when it will become frosted. Smart double-glazed windows with variable transparency, manufactured using triplex technology, have increased noise insulation, absorb ultraviolet radiation, and are safe to use.

Smart double-glazed windows perform many functions: regulate light flow, provide privacy, save energy resources, look creative, and bring special comfort and modern style to the home.


  • To create privacy on the lower floors of buildings
  • In dense buildings
  • In panoramic glazing
  • In the glazing of winter gardens and terraces
  • In shop windows
  • In windows of non-standard shapes and sizes, where the use of curtains and blinds is not convenient

Double-glazed windows with variable transparency are a modern high-tech solution: allows you to preserve visual communications and manage privacy; In the production of smart windows, various types of glass can be used: optically cleared, tempered, multifunctional, energy-saving, tinted in the mass, etc.

Order the production of double-glazed windows with variable transparency from the manufacturer at a good price from us and get excellent quality and durability!