Painted glass

painted glass

Stekloluks company is ready to color the glass according to the needs of the client. We use only modern technologies for applying images, so we can easily turn into reality even the most complex and unusual wishes and ideas of architects and designers.

One of the fastest and most economical ways to print images on glass is silk screen printing. This method allows to display fairly clear, bright and durable drawings. Maximum size is 2300 x 1200 mm (max. 3 colors).

Printing on glass with ceramic ink is a revolutionary inkjet printing technology. This technology allows to represent a wide range of colors according to the CMYK color model, while creating a tempered print.

The machine works like an inkjet printer: the images go to the printer, where various patterns are then reproduced on the glass. Maximum size is 3800 x 2700 mm.

Another type will be enamel, that is a more innovative option for applying a pattern on tempered glass with a continuous layer of ceramic paint of various colors. This method is mainly used as a decorative element in facade and interior glazing.

We offer the production of painted glass, custom-made glass painting at a good price per m2.