Laminated glass


You can order products from laminated glass produced by LLC Stekloluks, which will be custom-made according to your project. Such laminated glass will have the necessary characteristics, in accordance with the tasks set by the designer. The company has implemented two technologies for the production of laminated glass PVB and EVA.

Production capabilities allow us to work with all types of laminated glass. You can order laminated glass from 4 to 19 mm, maximum size 4800x2700 mm. The total average productivity of laminated glass production lines is 5,000 square meters per month.

Types of Laminated glass:

  1. Raw laminated glass
  2. Tempered laminated glass
  3. Bulletproof laminated glass
  4. Laminated glass with painted glass
  5. Electrically heated laminated glass

Order the production of laminated glass at a certified production facility of Stekloluks.