Heated glazed units

heated glazed units

As for heated glazed units, it has been proven that almost forty percent of the heat leaves the room through the windows. When installing special glazed units with heating, heat loss can be significantly reduced. Heated glazed units have a temperature control function. Each owner can adjust the heat supply for themselves, making the interior of the living space as comfortable as possible.

Advantages of heated glazed units:

  1. additional or main heating
  2. elimination of the cold window effect
  3. absolutely transparent glass without condensate
  4. removal of snow and ice (with double-sided heating)
  5. precise temperature control and management
  6. heating is significantly cheaper than other electric heating systems
  7. savings on air conditioning, glass does not let summer heat into the house
  8. glass does not heat the street, one-way direction of heating (about 90% of the heat goes into the room)

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