Glass for furniture and doors

glass for furniture and doors

We manufacture glass for furniture, doors and interiors.

Our company is ready to offer you absolutely any kind of glass, from simple cut to size to bent one with drawings of any complexity and range of colors.

  1. enamel (max. size is 3000 x 1700 mm)
  2. printing with ceramic paints (max. size is 3800 x 2700 mm)
  3. silk screen printing (max. size is 2300 x 1200 mm, max. 3 colors)
  4. edge processing (grinding, polishing, bevelling)
  5. drilling holes and making cutouts
  6. glass bending
  7. tempering
  8. production of laminated glass using PVB and EVA technologies

Order the manufacture of glass for furniture, doors and interiors from us at a great price and on modern equipment.