Fire-resistant glass

fire-resistant glass

You can order fire-resistant glazed units from us or cut to the required size with processing and protection of the glass edge for your constructions from Pyrobel and Pyropane fire-resistant glass.

Pyropane is a brand of tempered fire-resistant glass produced by AGC using its own patented technology. Pyropane glass is applicable for translucent fire-resistant facades (fire resistance class E15, E30, E60*). In case of fire, Pyropane glass provides structural integrity, prevents the spread of fire and remains transparent.

Pyrobel is a laminated transparent glass. In case of fire, when the temperature exceeds 120°C, the polymer located between layers of glass and the glass turns into a rigid and opaque protective structure, which makes it possible to provide:

  • integrity (E), i.e. prevents the spread of fire;
  • thermal insulation capacity (I), i.e. prevents the transfer of heat to the protected space so that people do not get burned on hot surfaces;
  • limitation of the heat flux density value (W).

Fire resistance limits E15, E30, E60, EIW15, EIW30, EIW45, EIW60, EIW90, EIW120.

Order fire-resistant glass and glazed units, made on modern equipment, from us and at a great price.